CCTV Surveillance System

Techno Eye is the best company for serving the best IT Solutions all over India. Since started the company in 2016, it has done many successful projects using advanced level technology across India. Techno Eye has four head offices all over India, located in Navi Mumbai, Thane Mumbai, Mumbai, and Pune. We have a large client circle across the country and have done many projects.

Nowadays, security is such a priority for all, and you have to be careful about it, and for this, we are providing the best CCTV Surveillance System in our wide range of brands. Our full range of CCTV Cameras is approved by and acquire the large market across the country and doing very well for many years. We are providing CCTV Cameras of the best company which are providing are very advanced, having a top-class security system and long-lasting performance for many years.

Here we are one of the Best CCTV Surveillance System Suppliers and provide you best and safe CCTV Installation and its full services & Maintenance. Many security cameras are available in the market, and you have to know about all such as.

1. Analogue Security Camera: This is used to transmit footage and conduct video surveillance,

2. IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras: Boast sharper have higher resolution images and give you more flexible features like remoter zoom and repositioning. They also give you the neat feature to view footage on a web browser. So that you can see this from anywhere and anytime.

3. DVR: This is an analog camera in a digital format that will give you digital format at desired resolution and frames per second. It has such a good feature that new images will record over the oldest footage when the hard disk gets full.

4. NVR: This Is much similar to DVRs, but they’re compatible with IP cameras. You can connect your camera and NVR with a network switch or router. You will get easy access to footage on an NVR through a web browser or mobile app.

These are some security camera options from which you can choose according to your interest. Some of the companies providing successful CCTV are developed to deliver superior protection. Techno Eye is the Best CCTV Surveillance Systems Service Providers who have many tie-ups with many large companies or providing the services of these companies, and some of them are-

1. Hikvision

2. CP-Plus

3. Active Pixel

4. Dhaua

Here we are working as the dealer and service provider to our customers and gives them the facilities like CCTV Installation, maintenance, etc., at an affordable cost with our 24/7 customer support system and gives you warranty or guarantee of the product as per according to the products. Now you do not worry about connecting with the Hikvision Distributor or CP-Plus CCTV Camera Dealer In Mumbai. You have to choose the type of camera and company and connect with us for its more details and advanced features because preventing unplanned crimes or being aware now is too difficult. We have our four main head offices that will give you service and give you complete information about this in-depth before setup. Connect with us whether you need the CCTV Surveillance System In Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane Mumbai, or Pune.

We have managed a total of 160+, whether small projects or large MNC’s in these last five years. You will get the best IT services from Techno Eye whether it is commercial or residential we provide all types of IT Solutions which will be very beneficial for you and help you a lot in these modern cities whether it’s an office, shop, home, etc. Here we will give you full setup and maintenance at a reasonable rate. If you want to set up it right now, then Techno Eye also gives you this chance to call on the number shown at the top or fill the form in the Contact Page, and our team will connect with you very soon.

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