Hosted IVR

The customers today believe a lot in personalized experience. They want to know If the brands they are buying from are ready to listen to them and respond to their needs. In these cases, IVR helps to build this type of connection.

Hosted IVR (interactive voice response) is a telephony menu and routing system that providers interactive replies to callers. It helps the businesses divide and sort through the callers that contact their company. 

This service helps your customers contact you during your business hours, book reservations, ask for directions or pay a bill. It provides authorized and registered users with real-time updates on performance and productivity.

Some of the features of IVR are:- 

1. Multi-level IVR
2. SMS and Email Notification
3. Auto Receptionist
4. Text to Speech Support
5. Call Recording
6. Voicemail
7. Call history reports

Through the menu feature in this system, the business can direct calls to the correct department and the right person within the department as soon as possible. In this way, customers will answer their questions with fewer delays, increasing their interaction with the business.

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This software provides a massive benefit for the business and their customers. Some of the benefits are:- 

1. Reduce Communication Errors –  With the help of a computerized system, it automatically calls to the department or person to address their concerns, errors are reduced. This call flow ensures that frustration is minimized.

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2. Employee Productivity – Now, brands will not need to waste time having trained employees to answer the routine calls that could be addressed with a recording. These have reduced the need of having paid employees to take care of the business.

3. Efficient Call Transfers – Transferring calls to the right agent or department also happens more quickly than when completed by human operators. This decreases the chances of customers waiting, which again increases the chances of their impression and experience of the company. 

4. Analyze Call Data –  It helps gather data about your callers and better understand their experiences and interactions. You can also check how the calls were transferred within the system and the number of calls that were answered or missed by the employees in each department. 

5. Call recording data – It helps build more robust marketing and improve the level of service that customers will receive from the company. It also helps to collect information about where customers are calling from.

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These services use speech recognition to allow the caller to interact more naturally with the computerized devices. These all work hand in hand to reduce the inefficiencies within the system and get customers the information they need with fewer struggles.

These can also shorten the time spent on a single call by allowing the caller to guide themselves to a satisfactory answer or solution. It also reduces operational costs at every point. 

Without them, problems such as mistakes in directing calls or transferring people to the wrong department are more common, which can harm the company’s impression. 

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