Server : Technoeye has capability to conduct requirement analysis for server based on various usage criteria laid down by customer. Technoeye proposes server specifications considering speed performance, uptime, data storage, user and session volumes, fault tolerance, disaster recovery plan, backup, power condition, installation environment. Etc. Technoeye provide Entry-level, Mid-class, Blade to High-end Enterprise-class servers from various reputed manufacturers like Dell, HP, IBM, HCL, etc. Technoeye also possesses expertise in commissioning these servers with variety of operating systems like Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008, Linux, etc.

Small and Medium Business :- available a wide range of servers form Easy-to-own Entry-Level Severs to Highly Expandable & Scalable servers Which are designed to host data and application for every stage of business growth.

Large Businesses:- Available servers for Mission-Critical Infrastructure right from Mid-range to Superdome.

Thin Client: A thin client is a lightweight computer that is purpose-built for remoting into a server (typically desktop virtualization resources). It depends heavily on another computer (its server) to fulfill its computational roles. This is different from the traditional desktop PC (fat client), which is a computer designed to take on these roles by itself. The specific roles assumed by the server may vary, from hosting a shared set of virtualized applications, a shared desktop stack or virtual desktop, to data processing and file storage on the client or users behalf.

Desktop: Technoeye provides the wide range of stable Desktop Computing Solutions to Deliver optimal performance- corporate desktop, digital imaging, digital entertainment, high-end multimedia gaming home PC, graphics workstation, all-in-one SOHO desktop. Technoeye also provides Workstations engineered for ultimate value and performance. One can choose from preconfigured models from various manufacturers like Dell, HP, Compaq, IBM Lenovo, HCL, Zenith, Wipro, etc. Also, one can hand pick a configuration and get a customized PC done. d) Peripherals: There are primarily two types of peripherals wizard Printer and Scanner. There are a variety of printers available like laserjet, dot matrix, line, thermal, plotter, etc. They come with printing options of mono and color. There are printers that can be directly connected to the network without PC interface and are called network printers. The scanners too come in wide variety like flat-bed, bar-code, visiting card, etc. Technoeye provides these devices from manufacturer like HP, Epson, Wipro, Umax, Xerox, Samsung, etc

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