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Access Control System for Your Office

Probably you must have heard of this simple yet powerful quote “Never Give Safety a Day Off”. This quote clearly states that security is the need for anyone on the planet. And when it comes to organizations, protecting the most important assets i.e. data, devices, and services from being stolen or exploited by forbidden users or anti-social elements. These are called threats which can be external or internal and can be with malicious intent or can be accidental. Here comes the Access Control System into the picture. Let’s get down deep into what an access control list is, its uses, and its benefits.

What is an Access Control system?

As the name suggests, this system controls access and limits access to only authorized users. It controls the entry and exit of the offices and business premises and it also establishes the levels of access to different areas in the business parks or buildings. 

This system is fed with biometric or QR code data that is stored in the database for each authorized person in the office to enter the office space. This system gathers and stores the data logs of all the users entering the premises and this data can be monitored to track the movement of employees and visitors in the office. This data is very helpful to identify the perpetrator in case of a security breach and helps in proactive assessments of the security risk that occurred on the office premises so that adjustments can be made as required.

In the old times and still now at some places, a sign-in register at the front desk handled by the receptionist, to enter the information of the people checking in and out of the office was maintained to monitor the movement of employees and visitors in the office premises. Nevertheless, it is not a strong security practice to maintain a handwritten log that can be altered easily.


Why do offices need access control?

Security of data, assets, and infrastructure is the most crucial aspect for any business. Traditionally locks and doors were used for securing premises, but now we are in the 21st century where locks and keys have become antique. Especially when it comes to protecting and securing the assets and infrastructure of the business, modern access control system technologies are the best solutions. The access control system offers countless benefits for business owners, tenants, property managers, and government premises.

Here are the top 3 reasons to have an access control system on your premises:

1. Securing infrastructure: A business access control framework is an advanced security arrangement that allows you to keep entryways locked without keeping occupants from getting to them. A few frameworks likewise have an underlying camera, which can snap a picture each time somebody enters the premises to make a review trail.

2. Simplified access control: Access control improves the employees/occupant’s experience in business infrastructures by giving a consistent approach to employees/occupants to go into the buildings and premises. With a business access control system, the premises manager can mechanize who approaches specific buildings & premises. They might restrict admittance at specific times and days.

3. Discard the hassle of traditional keys & locks: Actually, security personnel loses keys constantly. When somebody loses a key, then the company needs to invest energy and cash to supplant the lock and issue new keys. Also, keys and locks can be easily destroyed and any person can get into the premises easily.


Types of Access Control Systems:

1. Key & fob/access key card systems:  
This is a commonly used system in many hotels, gyms, apartments, and many more. This is a kind of access control where the client has a fob-formed (frequently round) credential, which is an extravagant approach to saying the thing that is scanned by a reader to grant access. The fob is the credential that is tapped against a reader or pad. 

2. Mobile access control systems: 
In mobile access control systems, the employees can download the application and use it to access the doors of the premises. Or there is also another type of mobile barcode access system in which a user has to download an app and generate a unique barcode to access the office premises.

3. Biometric access control systems: 
In biometric access control systems, facial recognition or fingerprints are used to identify the person seeking access. This is helpful to keep a log of in & out movement of the person on the premises.  

4. Cloud-based commercial access control systems: 
A cloud-based access control framework is any sort of framework that empowers you to remotely oversee and concede property access from a web-associated gadget. Conventional access control frameworks expect you to install and keep a server on location. Conversely, cloud-based frameworks store information in the cloud. Therefore, cloud-based admittance control frameworks are far less complex and more reasonable to keep up with.

5. Commercial video intercom systems: 
A business video intercom system is the most effective way to oversee access to your building’s front entryway or door. With that, it also provides easy access for employees to enter the premises by easily requesting property access through commercial video intercom systems. 

6. Keypad system: 
A Keypad system is a simple device that is installed at the gates, it has a keypad in which we have to enter a passcode to enter the premises. This makes it easier for employees to enter the premises without having to worry about handling the keys or fobs.

There are various things available in the market for securing the business assets and infrastructure but making the right choice depending on your business requirement is the most essential part of it. If you have to grow your business, first make it safe and secure for its employees as well as your customer by keeping their data safe at your company premises.

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