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Advantages of Internet Lease Line Over Broadband

The Internet has become a huge part of the everyday life of human beings. Upon that high-speed internet has become a necessity for all the organizations in the world. The Internet can be accessed through dedicated internet lines as well as through broadband connections. Wireless broadband connections through the internet have become common in households and small organizations. This wifi technology has some limitations on the range and speed. But the speed of dedicated internet lines is high and rarely fluctuates compared to wifi. Both are great choices for the accessing internet but it depends on the requirement of the organization which one to go for.

What is an Internet Leased Line?

A leased line is, to put it simply, a voice and data-capable dedicated internet access line. For high-speed internet connections or as a dedicated link between two locations, your company rents a leased line from a phone service or corporate internet provider. A leased line guarantees a consistently high-quality connection because it is always operational, unlike dial-up connections. The bandwidth may be ensured with no speed degradation depending on the distance between the exchange and the endpoint by adopting fiber technology.

Let’s look at the advantages of internet leased lines over broadband to make it easy for you to decide which one to go for.

Advantages of Internet Lease Line Over Broadband

Advantages of Internet Leased Line:


  1. High Speed: A leased line connection’s speed cannot be matched by broadband. The latter can reach speeds of up to 10 Gbps, whilst the former’s top speed is substantially lower. According to Ookla’s most recent Speedtest Global Index study, as of March 2020, the average fixed broadband speed in India was only 35.98 Mbps. Internet Leased Lines maintains a high speed which gives an uninterrupted download and upload experience.


  1. Consistent Speed: Internet leased lines offer symmetrical speeds for both downloads and uploads, in contrast to broadband internet connections that always prioritize download speeds at the expense of upload speeds. Consistent internet speed is a necessity for running any organization and specifically IT organizations that completely depends on the internet. There can be huge losses for an organization if the speed goes down.
Advantages of Internet Lease Line Over Broadband
  1. Virtual Private Network: An internet leased line allows employees of a company or organization with multiple branches to have their very own virtual private network. When using an ILL, a virtual private network is far more efficient than when using a broadband connection. Virtual Private Network is a must for securing data of the organization and giving controlled access to the employees of the data which is necessary for their work.


  1. Secure: As it is solely committed to the two places it is connecting, a leased line is also known as a dedicated internet access (DIA) line. A dedicated internet access line decreases security issues because it is not a shared service like DSL lines when combined with the proper router and firewall settings. Since they provide VPN services, ILL is more secure than broadband.
    1. Dedicated Physical Routes: Multiple users in the area typically share broadband internet connectivity. An internet leased line, on the other hand, provides a dedicated internet connection that is not shared with any other locals or enterprises. This prevents network turbulence during peak times. This is the reason, ILL is more secure than broadband and has uninterrupted high-speed internet.


    1. Reliability: If the daily operation of your company depends on the internet, you already know that DSL broadband is insufficiently dependable. Your company requires a constant, dependable, and “uncontended” internet connection. With a leased line, your company gets a dedicated line free from competition from other companies or people. You can use as much data as you like for the agreed-upon monthly amount, so you no longer need to be concerned about Fair Usage Policy (FUP). Because your business is the only one using the dedicated leased line, it will operate at peak efficiency every single day, so you no longer need to be concerned about a drop in your internet connection. Compared to a broadband connection, Internet leased lines are much more dependable. 
Advantages of Internet Lease Line Over Broadband
  1. Service Level Agreement: SLAs, or Service Level Agreements, are provided to clients of an internet leased line. The minimal level of performance that can be anticipated from an internet leased line is described in SLAs. Customers are also informed of the type of compensation they will receive if those promises are not kept. However, clients of broadband internet connections virtually never receive such contracts.

If your organization is not as dependent on the internet, a regular, market-ready DSL broadband connection will likely be able to fulfill your needs for considerably less money.

However, if you operate in several locations and your company requires a connection that is extremely dependable and backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA), a leased line is the best option for you.

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