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Best Firewalls For Office Use In 2022


As we are advancing in technology, cyber threats are increasing rapidly. Protecting the most important business assets like data has become crucial for giant and small organizations. Here comes the role of the Firewall. Firewall act as a first security point for any cyberattack; if the firewall is strong enough, it can repel the attack at the entry itself. 

For example, Firewalls are like a security guard of the building, that is the first security point of the computer network of any organization. And if the security guard is intelligent & strong enough, it can identify and discard the attack before it entering into the building premises, that is the computer network of the organization. 

Let’s dive deeper into what exactly a firewall is and why businesses need firewalls.

What is Firewall?

A firewall is a computer network security device that monitors and filters incoming and outgoing network traffic of the organization. There are various protocols (set of rules) that are configured in the firewall device to permit access to authorized users & devices to enable incoming and outgoing data. It is also configured to block certain sets of IP addresses and attacks like DoS (Denial of Service) and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service). 

In a network, data is transferred in the form of packets. If any of these packets are found to match the set of rules to block a packet then the firewall discards the packets at the entry point into the network itself. A firewall is present at the outermost layer of the network security layers. These firewalls are crucial in detecting attacks like Denial of Service (DoS) and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) that send a humongous amount of traffic in the network to exhaust the available resources and disrupt the normal functioning of the network. It is also helpful in detecting malware and viruses entering the network through packets.

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There are many firewall brands in the next-gen firewall and cyber security industry. To make it easier for you to decide which brand firewall you should install in your company, we have listed the best firewall hardware companies.

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1. Sonic Wall 

If you’re a start-up or developing a business that relies extraordinarily upon offering web benefits or overseeing information, you may not exactly be prepared for a Cisco-level arrangement yet. In any case, you would rather not miss the mark, so you’re presumably searching for something almost identical that is flexible, deft, and appropriate for little organizations. That is where SonicWall comes in. The entry-level SonicWall firewall choices offer some great solutions for businesses with huge data requirements.

Which Sonic Wall Firewall will suit your business will depend on the performance, amount of data transfer, and many other advanced options. SonicWall firewalls have special features like “zero-touch deployment” and a single pass deep packet inspection process that is super impressive.


2. Fortinet

Fortinet’s hardware-driven firewalls are the absolute most regarded in the business and probably the most dependable. Besides the fact that the organization has a strong programming spine that offers various significant securities for both medium size and independent ventures, one of only a handful of exceptional organizations has planned its own application-explicit integrated circuits (ASIC) processors. These security chips are meticulously designed to offer a high-velocity network on the board, with the capacity to increase as your business develops without compromising security.

For private companies, Fortinet offers different extraordinary switches, each with the help of its Next-Generation Firewall security. They offer shifted transfer speeds for various capabilities, which you’ll have to pick in light of your organization’s requirements. In any case, every one of them can partake in’s areas of strength for Fortinet and a few other defensive highlights.

Management and maintenance are through a particular control center that keeps generally wired and remote network connections gathered for basic and extensive oversight consistently.


3. Cisco

When it comes to computer networking devices, Cisco is the brand name that comes first to our mind. Truly, Cisco is the most trusted brand for even firewalls as well. ts items could normally be focused on at bigger associations. In any case, assuming you need an answer that has that venture feel, scales well, and offers thorough and premium highlights, Cisco’s Meraki MX is the best choice for your firewall needs. 

There is various range of firewall models to pick from in Cisco. Entry-level firewalls can handle up to 50 clients’ computers in a VPN network. Likewise, the largest amount is 10,000 client computers that can be managed by a high-end Cisco firewall. Firewall-like small branch solutions MX64 offer cloud-based management with full firewall protection. 

Bigger, more fit switches accompany support for a more prominent number of associations and add support for extra SSIDs. All firewall solutions likewise support USB modem associations for 3G/4G network if your standard web connection fizzles, as well.


4.Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto’s NGFW (Next Generation Firewall) firewall solutions are especially valuable in this day and age thanks to strong cloud-based activities intended to be particularly viable with record sharing on the web. More organizations than any other time in recent years are empowering long-term remote work, so finding the right firewall choices that help this kind of coordinated network in a protected manner is significant.

The NGFW arrangements use site-to-site VPN tunnels that can associate with the distributed storage your organization is utilizing, anything to the point that gets passed between employees is safeguarded, regardless of where they are. Palo Alto software considers almost any required necessary plan, including the capacity to make responsibility types like container trust zones with the goal that the right security can be applied to the right information, and everything is effectively modified to your association structure.


5. Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X

Ubiquiti Edge routers are not firewalls in themselves but they are network routers that have a built-in firewall, by default. These network routers are affordable and by default blocks all the incoming traffic. These routers are a great way to keep your business protected from any outside viruses and attacks entering your system.

Ubiquiti’s switches have a basic framework for adding explicit, tailor-made rules for the Firewall, allowing you totally to redo what goes where and what can speak with what in your organization. Need to block all connections between the web and your neighborhood organization? Simple. Need to permit traffic for previously existing connections, however, block all the other things? Done. You can easily configure the changes and customize them according to the need.

Ubiquiti’s Edge hardware is easy to configure and doesn’t need any expertise in networking. Also, it provides a handy guide to help you configure the routers manually or automate your configuration. This is the reason why this Ubiquiti’s Edge Firewall devices are a perfect match for small businesses for their firewall needs.

This EdgeRouter X ER-X has a passthrough PoE option to connect to an airMAX device, however, it also needs a 25V passive PoE or power adapter. The EdgeRouter X uses the outstanding EdgeMAX management system, which is simple enough for even smaller offices to pick up while providing the security and device administration that a growing organization requires, in addition to the five Gigabit Ethernet ports (with PoE in and PoE out).


In conclusion, firewalls are crucial for companies of all sizes, but particularly for small firms because they’re oftentimes easy targets for hackers. The above-mentioned solutions are thorough and reasonably priced because small firms have constrained resources and developing infrastructure.

We hope the information provided here aids you in selecting the best firewall for your company. If you are looking for firewalls on rent in Thane, Mumbai, Pune, and Navi Mumbai, contact Techno Eye at +91 9503357739. We provide firewall renting services in Thane, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Pune and 100% customer satisfaction to our clients. Techno Eye provides 24/7 customer support to our clients so that you have one less thing to worry about.

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