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Techno Eye is one of the best Companies to give IT Solutions for the last 5 years. Since then, the Company has developed thousands of successful projects using advanced technology across India. Techno Eye has led the trend to IT solutions services in several states, the latest in India. Here we developed and providing the best and advanced products of many brands. We have done many projects in many cities in the last 5 years. Our products have multispecialty features that are easy to use or maintain and give you long-lasting performance over many years. We have four head offices across India, located in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane Mumbai, and Pune. Here you can connect with us about your queries.

Nowadays, it’s challenging to maintain the official record and check the individual’s working days. This is such an old and time-consuming method. So, here we are providing the Biometric Attendance Machine which will become much helpful for you and gives you the proper attendance sheet of your staff because it’s the time of the IT Solutions and you have to take the adequate support for it to grow in this modern days. 

Here we are one of the best Biometric Attendance Machine Suppliers and provide the best products across India at an affordable cost. We will also give you full facilities of setup and maintenance of Biometric Machine regularly. Techno Eye offers complete and reliable IT solutions including, CCTV Surveillance System, Biometric Machine, a Door Access Control System, etc. The entire range of Biometric  Machines are approved by and acquired all market-leading and acquire the large market in India for many years. Techno Eye will provide you a 24/7 service support system from where you will connect with us, and our team will give you advanced level information about the products in-depth, and then you can choose your products according to your need. All products serving have many advanced features and will give you the best experience while using them. We are offering the Biometric Machine of some companies operating, and some of the products are-


2. Biomax

3. HID

4. Realtime

These companies are most reputed and acquire the most extensive Biometric Machine marketing all over India. Our Machine has many features, and some of the machines have Integrated Cards, Fingerprint & Face recognition technologies, etc. These products are an award-winning & internationally certified range of high-quality Biometric systems with 2 years warranty and have millions of corporate customers worldwide. Now you do not worry about looking for the Biometric Attendance Machine In Mumbai, Biometric Attendance System Dealers In Mumbai, Biometric Attendance System Dealers In Pune,Thane, Navi Mumbai, etc. You have to connect with us, and our team will suggest the best product according to your demand. In this, you will get expert advice and get’s its full knowledge.

Here have more than 160+ projects for the last 5 years with large companies and a small staff. You will get the best IT Solutions from the Techno Eye, whether it is commercial or residential. We are providing all types of IT services suitable for all. We also give you the complete installation, maintenance at a reasonable price.

If you want to connect with us, you have to call on the mobile number given above or fill the form on the contact page, and our team will connect with you very soon. We always stand with you and provide you the top-class services and products that are effective, efficient, and long-lasting. We want to get the best chance to work with you are offer you our services. I hope you like our products & services and connect with us very soon.

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