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Routing and Switching

Routing and Switching are the essential elements of network communication. The primary difference between them is that the function of Switching is to switch the data packets between the same devices of the same network, whereas routing is routing the boxes with different networks.

Switchers and routers are two pieces used to connect computers and peripherals. These allow the two devices to connect to your system so that you can talk with each other and talk to other systems.

Some of the key features of Routing and Switching are:- 

1. Remote Management
2. Statistics Collection
3. Port Monitoring
4. Security
5. Virtual Local Area Network (VLANs)
6. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
7. Connection and Resource Sharing

These are the essential elements for all business communications: data, voice, video, or wireless access. They increase the company’s productivity, cut business costs, and improve security and customer service, thus improving its bottom line.

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Benefits of Routing and Switching are:- 

1. Sharing Applications – Using this technology allows your staff to have equal access to all your business applications, information and tools, even those located in different locations. When these all are connected, it can increase employee productivity. 

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2. Speeding – access to information allows greater visibility into real-time company information and provides a sound basis for effective decision-making, as timely details are essential in making business decisions. 

3. Improving Security – This helps protect the valuable and essential information and reduce the risk of data getting leaked. By installing them, you can save your valuable company data from viruses, spyware, internet attacks and many more. Routers will help you to protect your system with a built-in firewall and IPS.

4. Reducing operating costs – This type of technology has a positive impact on your organization’s bottom line by saving expenses by sharing equipment such as printers and servers and services such as internet access. 

5. Enhancing Customer Service – Customers today need quick responses and services to deal with your organization either by email, phone or on a website. Therefore, a responsive and reliable link is necessary to give your employees speedy access to respond to the customer requirements quickly and intelligently.

n Modern Times, routers and switches are becoming more and more intelligent and are starting to incorporate the features found in enterprise-level data centres. They provide a value-added connection for companies and efficiently delivers information to the users.

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These both are the most complicated as well as an essential function in communication. They tell the centre of our fast expanding technologies. To implement competitive advantage, Internet, Intranet, Extranets all depend upon switching and routing. 

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