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Communication is the most crucial point of all events, businesses and activities in the world today. With the rapid technology change, communication has become the priority for all companies. Companies are rapidly hunting for reliable, feasible and proven solutions to support their voice and data requirements. This is where PRI solutions work magically for your business.

PRI, the Primary Rate Interface, is an end-to-end telecommunication connection that allows data transmission, voice or video between the network and the user. This system allows 23 B channels on a single phone line. 

They have been used for more than three decades, and use channels carried on T carrier systems which are entirely digital voice transmission systems. With the help of these communication solutions, multiple users can have extensions on a single connection. 

Some of the features are:- 

1. Call Hunting
2. Superior Quality
3. Consolidated Billing
4. Video conferencing
5. Convenient Portability
6. Minimum number of channels
7. Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

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These lines provide high-capacity service carried on T1 or E1 trunk lines, depending upon the country between the provider’s service station and the customer’s end.

PRL lines give a massive benefit to business owners. They are very effective. Some of them are:- 

1. Cost-effectiveness – The subscription cost of these devices is less than the equivalent multiple analogue lines. We will also need to pay only for one consolidated bill. The cost of all the terminating PSTN Lines is more, but PRI eliminates this problem. 

2. Security – These lines are more secure and reliable as it is impossible to tap into a PRI link and listen to an ongoing conversation. They ensure greater call clarity, and it’s also easier to troubleshoot with this service.

Now get the best and all types of IT Solutions in Thane Mumbai from Techno Eye at an affordable price

3. Direct Inward Dialing – DID is a feature that is available with this system. With the help of this feature, a business can create different numbers for their employees so that external parties can get in touch with them directly. The DID feature provided by this system is very beneficial for businesses.

4. Faster and precise voice calls – One can make a quick call in times of emergency with the help of this service. It also ensures one or more multiple channels to use for voice or data for a larger bandwidth.

5. Multiple Communication Features – In addition to high-quality voice communication, they are also used for voice conferences, fax and data transfer. These features provide higher productivity leading to better revenues. 

For every business to grow, these services are essential. They are also very convenient because it is a single that has 23 communication channels. Including these channels on the B side, there is also a D channel in these lines, which can control and signal information. This D channel is mainly used to transmit call data like caller ID. 

Techno Eye is one of the best Tata PRI Line Providers. Our service and connection offer enterprise access to the telecom infrastructure that can dynamically adapt to the changing needs of your business. We provide end-to-end digital links on our given network infrastructure. 

Now get the best and all types of IT Solutions in Thane Mumbai from Techno Eye at an affordable price

Our branches in Mumbai, Thane, Pune and Navi Mumbai provide 24/7 support and solutions to your problems at a very reasonable price. Our teams of experts will listen to you and help you solve them. We offer both TDM and SIP technology for your business. Which TDM provides 30 channels in one link, and you can increase the channels as per your need. Every track in the connection offers two-way communication. 

Feel free to contact us for more enquiries through WhatsApp by click here or calling us directly on the phone number mentioned above. We will be here to support you.

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