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This privacy notice for this website. Techno Eye have its own privacy policy. We are the owners of all the information on this website and I’ll be protected. We have the information that you will give us or leave your information in our website. We will use your contact information to connect with you. We are not sure that the information will be shared with another website.

We have taken your information to connect with you to fulfill your needs which you are looking for the products and services which are given to our website. If you want to share some information regarding the products and services or want to change the information regarding our products then you can connect with us on the given contact info in the above of the website.

We will take care of your information. Whether the information is provided online or offline both of the information is secured. We ensure that your cards and transactions are fully secured. While we use our advance security system to protect you all payments, we also protect your information offline. 

If you feel that we are now following our privacy policies then you can connect with us on the given phone number or Gmail. 


We are using “Cookies” on this website. Cookies are the text file with the small piece of data. It consist data like a username, password, etc. and it is used by our website so that it will identify your device and you don’t have to put the same information every time. It is used to track and target the interests of our users  according it its device and enhance the experience on our site. 

The information which we collect is not identify you and takes the device information such as (for example) the name and IP address of your website. We use this information for individually or bulk, for technical support and information of our Web site(s); research and development etc.; and it also help us to market with our users

Techno Eye is sharing this information according to our partners and advertisers. This will don’t identify and use the information for other uses.

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