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Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Surveillance?

Video surveillance systems help businesses in multiple ways. Regardless of the industry segment, location or size, they have become more or less a required feature in the present-day scenario. From a long-term perspective, they offer myriad benefits which businesses can reap with minimal upfront investment.


  • Prevent theft and Vandalism: Security cameras act as a strong deterrent in keeping away any activities of theft, vandalism, or break-ins. Installing surveillance cameras on home and office premises thwarts anti-social elements and ensures safety to the members. In the case of non-retail businesses too, the owners need to safeguard company assets and intellectual property, which are often stolen by the employees themselves. CCTV cameras help keep a check on such incidents. 

  • Real-time Monitoring: The best CCTV cameras ensure that live footage is available any time the business owners need them. Live footage ensures that facts are not misinterpreted and there is sufficient proof on the video captured; it is not based on an individual’s perception. This enables businesses to catch the perpetrators red-handed and there’s no room for anything to be misconstrued.

  • Technology has made it possible to monitor all the cameras, even from a remote computer or mobile. Besides, the CCTV security cameras offer the perk of viewing the live video on all the different cameras in a single window, ensuring that all cameras record the output.


  • Improved Employee Productivity: Take the example of any office, in particular restaurants or workshops. It is a known fact that having a CCTV camera installed makes employees work harder as they are being watched closely. In addition, it also relieves the manager or supervisor of the task of constantly monitoring them and instead focuses on other aspects of work. 
  • Useful Criminal Evidence: CCTV cameras serve as a powerful resource when any crime is committed in or around the business premises. They have the complete recording of the incident that took place and are even used in courts by judges as criminal evidence. Many states in India have prescribed security practices for businesses and retail houses. For instance, the Karnataka legislature has taken measures to make CCTV cameras mandatory in private businesses. Besides helping in monitoring staff and valuables, they also benefit the community.
  • Prevent Sexual Harassment: Despite the stringent laws enacted against sexual harassment in workplaces, some miscreants manage to indulge in these acts. CCTV cameras would not only help prevent such incidents and offer a safe place to employees but also confirm the occurrence of any such event. This enables filing any lawsuit and taking disciplinary action against the culprit.

  • Enhance Customer Experience: Having CCTV cameras in retail supermarkets or large shops makes customers feel valued. You, as a business owner, could take a look at their buying behavior in the recording on-screen and cater to their needs better by making adjustments to product positioning. This, in turn, would offer a rewarding customer experience and enhance your business reputation.

  • Reduce Costs: The installation of video surveillance systems obviates the need for hiring night security officers. In multiple ways CCTV technology beats security guards. This considerably reduces security-related and maintenance costs that otherwise businesses have to incur on an ongoing basis.

Closing thoughts

Video surveillance cameras are integral in today’s fast-paced world. In fact, they’re even replacing security personnel, due to the varied benefits they offer. A few of those include cost reduction, increased field of view, capabilities which surpass human beings, and more.

As a result of this, the number of CCTV cameras being used across the globe for different purposes is rapidly increasing. For instance, according to a 2021 report, London has about 691,000 CCTV installed. Delhi has the maximum number of 1836 CCTV cameras per square kilometer, and beats London and Singpore in terms of CCTV coverage density.

While there are numerous other statistics and numbers which could prove the increased demand for CCTV, it is important to understand that, CCTVs are not just practical but also a mandatory investment from a business standpoint.

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