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A router is a device that connects two or more packet-switched networks or subnetworks. It serves two primary functions: managing traffic between these networks by forwarding data packets to their intended IP addresses; and allowing multiple devices to use the same Internet connection.

There are several types of routers, but most routers pass data between LANs (local area networks) and WANs (wide area networks). A LAN is a group of connected devices restricted to a specific geographic area. A LAN usually requires a single router.

A WAN, by contrast, is a large network spread out over a vast geographic area. Large organisations and companies that operate in multiple locations across the country, for instance, will need separate LANs for each location, which then connect to the other LANs to form a WAN. Because a WAN is distributed over a large area, it often necessitates multiple routers and switches.

How does a router work?

Think of a router as an air traffic controller and data packets as aircraft headed to different airports (or networks). Just as each plane has a unique destination and follows a unique route, each packet needs to be guided to its destination as efficiently as possible. In the same way that an air traffic controller ensures that planes reach their destinations without getting lost or suffering a major disruption along the way, a router helps direct data packets to their destination IP address.

In order to direct packets effectively, a router uses an internal routing table—a list of paths to various network destinations. The router reads a packet’s header to determine where it is going, then consults the routing table to figure out the most efficient path to that destination. It then forwards the packet to the next network in the path.

What are the different types of routers?

In order to connect a LAN to the Internet, a router first needs to communicate with a modem. There are two primary ways to do this:

A Wireless Router: A wireless router uses an Ethernet cable to connect to a modem. It distributes data by converting packets from binary code into radio signals, then wirelessly broadcasts them using antennae. Wireless routers do not establish LANs; instead, they create WLANs (wireless local area networks), which connect multiple devices using wireless communication.

A Core Router: Unlike routers used in a home or small business LAN, a core router is used by large corporations and businesses that send a large volume of data packets over their network.Core routers operate at the “core” of a network and do not communicate with external networks.

An edge router: While a core router exclusively manages data traffic within a large-scale network, an edge router communicates with both core routers and external networks. Edge routers live at the “edge” of a network and use the BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) to send and receive data from other LANs and WANs.

A virtual router is a software application that performs the same function as a standard hardware router. It may use the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) to establish primary and backup virtual routers, should one fail.

Advantages of the router:

The essential capacity of a switch is to divide a solitary organisational association between various machines. Utilizing this, different clients can be associated with the web, so in general, profitability can be expanded. Aside from that, switches have the ability to connect various organisational structures and media.

Having a router is unquestionably an initial move towards making sure of an organization’s association. Since interfacing with the web straightforwardly with a modem opens your PC to an assortment of security dangers, As a result, switches can be used as a transitional between two organizations, ensuring that the environment is somewhat secure.While this isn’t a substitute for an antivirus or a firewall, it certainly is commendable.

The routers utilise dynamic directing strategies for encouraging internetwork correspondence. Dynamic directing decides the best path accessible for the internet. And furthermore, it increases broadcast and impact areas. This would ultimately be able to diminish the organization’s traffic.

Other router administrations incorporate bundle exchanging and parcel separating, with routers channeling the organisation utilising a variety of separating rules. As per these standards, the bundles are either permitted or gone through.

On the off chance that in the event that one of the outside organisation segments ends up falling flat, switches utilise elective parts to stay away from issues in directing rush hour gridlock. Associations, particularly of huge scope, take advantage of this to oversee traffic effectively.

Routers take advantage of Network Address Translation (NAT). With NAT, routers can share the association by utilising a single public IP address and a portion of UDP ports. Additionally, it is practically unimaginable for huge organisations to associate with the web without NAT.

Routers can normally be coordinated with modems. This guarantees that Wireless Access Points are given to small organizations.

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