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School Bus Tracking

Child security is always a considerable tension among the parents and the schools where they go. Therefore everyone needs a stress-free system for their child’s welfare and protection. 

School Bus Tracking System is a software that allows the school and parents to gain visibility and control over the GPS location of the buses. It also provides the arrival and departure timings at every spot along the route. It also tells and alerts if the buses are running late.

The educational institutes over the country are steadily adopting this service for the sake of the safety and security of the children. These authorities can also create a wholesome environment for the students by keeping an eye on the buses, drivers and their entire operations.

The features of the School Bus GPS Tracking System are:- 

1. Speed Estimates
2. Route Replay 
3. Parent alerts
4. Real-time monitoring
5. Geo-fencing
6. Geo-tagging
7. Over Speeding Alerts

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Using this type of system offers several benefits to the school and parents. Some of them are:- 

1. Real-Time Monitoring – This is the most crucial benefit of a tracking system with GPS. This ensures that parents are sent alerts as soon as the bus leaves the building. They can also track the route through live tracking updates to be aware of any delay due to traffic. This feature also allows the parents to plan the whereabouts if they are on time to pick up the students from the drop point.

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2. Peace of Mind – Another important feature of this service is that it allows both the parents and educational institutes to know the child’s progress from the home to the institution, which assures them. This is is especially when the students are going on trips, picnics, sports or other activities during the institution hours.

3. Bus Scheduling and Route Planning – Institutes have limited inventory and resources, and it is necessary to schedule these to ensure optimum usage. This data is helpful because it helps analyze and plan the best route to save time and fuel. 

4. Checking Driver Behavior – It helps track the driver’s behavior and habits like over speeding, rash driving, engine idle time running, sharp turns, infringing traffic rules, etc. These, when noticed, could go a long way in ensuring the safety of the students as it helps to avoid accidents.

5. Easy Record Maintenance – Manual record keeping will require the effort of an additional workforce. It helps to record the details such as the hours of travel quickly, the number of punctually completed, the distance travelled, etc. It helps to review and make changes if necessary.

Careless driving and breaking of traffic rules is a widespread occurrence in India, which doubts the safety of the passengers in them. Therefore, a proper system to track the student is essential. 

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Institutions are adopting this type of technology rapidly as it helps get alerts for boarding/deboarding, wrong Bus boarding and attendance marking. The GPS feature in them allows to know and monitor the accurate location of the student by the parents. 

In today’s world, to operate the schools efficiently and ensure students’ safety, they need to install an easy-to-use GPS tracking system. This will provide both the safety of the children and the school bus fleet. But it offers several more benefits to the school Management, which are for the long run. 

Techno Eye is one of the best School Bus GPS Tracking Solution providers in India. Our tracker generates proper transparency between the parents and the school administration. Our service comes with an emergency SOS button which enhances the safety of the students and the staff on the bus. 

Our headquarters in Mumbai, Pune, Thane and Navi Mumbai will ensure that you utilize our GPS tracker optimally and maintain safety. Techno Eye’s solutions will benefit you in every way, be it monitoring the vehicle and the driver to control the fuel cost.

We are 24/7 available to listen to your problems as you can call us anytime on the phone number mentioned above or through WhatsApp by click here.

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