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The Benefits Of Installing a Wireless Access Point

The kids have finally settled down to complete their work and you log onto your computer to stream your favorite Netflix show. Then it happens… you’re confronted with the ominous “circle of doom”. The program starts to buffer, then buffer even more until you decide to end the day. What is the reason your WiFi system is not working as it should even though you pay for premium internet service?

If you are experiencing issues with connection occur frequently in some areas of your house it could be issues with wireless internet. In the present, it is definitely not a good idea to have issues with the internet. On the other hand, if you’re lucky you can bring the terrible connectivity to the maximum level with an amazing little device that is known as the Wireless Access Point.

Before we look at what a Wireless Access Point (or WAP for short) is, let’s look at the WiFi range.

Wireless signals that are transmitted from the router are able to travel within a certain distance. Consider for instance one of your Bluetooth devices, like an audio speaker that is wireless, for example. If you move it further away from your computer or phone, you’ll notice that the sound quality of the sound diminishes and it is cut off until the speaker ceases to play. Similar is the case for you WiFi network.

The further away your connected devices are from your router, the less effective the WiFi signal gets. The signal strength can be more affected by the size of your home as well as obstacles like walls and floors.

However, as we’ve discussed previously there’s an excellent solution with a WAP, which can boost your WiFi signal and eliminate dead spots. Let’s see the benefits.

The Benefits Of Installing a Wireless Access Point


A separate device that is connected directly with your router. WAP could be placed in various places in your home to provide the greatest coverage. It lets you expand your internet signal to rooms that normally are unable to receive signals because of wall walls, spacing issues as well as furniture obstructions.

By increasing the speed that is available on your WiFi network, it permits more devices to connect simultaneously. Set up multiple WAPs across your home on one network and there’s no need to switch between networks. In essence, it’ll provide an extremely reliable, stable and speedy WiFi network.

The Benefits Of Installing a Wireless Access Point

Two bands exist: 2.4 5 GHz and 2.4 that provide different speeds, coverage and bandwidth. The 2.4 band has a larger WiFi coverage but slower speeds and five GHz provides users high speeds, but smaller coverage.

Directly connected to the router via an ethernet cable or data cable It WAP receives internet connections that is the appropriate bandwidth. It then transmits its frequency to allow users to easily connect to the internet from wherever you are at home.



Covers the upper floors and other areas with no internet access.
You’ve chosen the ideal spot to place your wireless router. It’s an unnoticed area below in the room where you study. However, as anyone who tries to connect to the internet upstairs will know that the walls, floors and distance are just too big for the router to pass through.

In the areas where you want coverage of the internet Think about vertically. For instance, you could consider installing a WAP in an upstairs area just above the room in which the router is. The powerful signal generated by the WAP located in this location can bounce coverage to other rooms upstairs.

Offers a more robust Internet connection when many users
You may notice that your internet connection slows down as more and more people return home and connect to the internet. With WAP, you’ll be able access the network from wherever you are located at home.

Utilizing Techno Eye’s expertise, you can get the most recent version that uses Wireless Access Point technology, like this Ubiquiti Unifi Wifi Wireless Access Point. It is highly recommended to have at least 2 WAPs set up in distinct zones if you own an extensive home, and especially in the case of a double-storey.

The Benefits Of Installing a Wireless Access Point

It provides WiFi for outdoor use.
It is likely that you enjoy being in the backyard in the summertime even if it’s the time you are catching the latest work. If your monthly plan is not bound by bandwidth limits, you will be able to transfer small distances from your router, for instance, to the deck in the back, and also enjoy connectivity to the internet.

But if the router is located in the study area and there are several walls that separate it and the yard it is likely that you’ll be experiencing weak signals. This is when a WAP could assist. By putting it in an area with an access point outdoors and as little obstructions as possible, you will be able to make use of powerful WiFi. Contact us now for many kind of Wireless Access Point solution.


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