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Why is cyber security required?


Cyber Security is a very underrated topic. First, let’s simplify it in a very relatively easy way. Take, for instance, the 1900s, and if one has to take something from you, they would probably attack you in a physical form because you have something valuable that interests the looters or thieves. Now, believe it or not, your data has become extremely valuable which interests global Giants, companies, or nations due to some selfish reasons. So instead of attacking you or the nation, they will attack your data in any form and that’s called cyber-attacks. And to prevent that kind of attack cyber security is essential.

Now let’s dig deep into what are the pros and cons of cybersecurity.

Starting from benefits, the foremost benefit of having cyber power is obviously to protect our data from attackers. Secondly, we can strengthen the system without any fear of getting hacked and so. It builds trust toward expanding business with some big clients where the security of data is extremely crucial.

Moving further to cons, it depends on personal choice because cyber power is like a gun, one can use it for protection purposes or destruction purposes. it depends on the intention of a hacker. The one who is using it for protecting data is called an ethical hacker.

Now that we know the pros and cons of cyber security, let’s know the core reasons why cyber security is one of the most important aspects of IT Infrastructure in any organization:

1. Upsurge Of Cyber Crimes:

Cybercrimes were already on the rise and the pandemic gave it a huge boost with everything going online. Due to the digital upliftment during the pandemic, all the businesses started their online stores, and also other businesses gave work-from-home opportunities to their employees. For work from home, employees had to be given VPN access to the company. Sometimes due to a lack of awareness of the security measures that need to be taken while dealing with company data, these cyber criminals got a golden opportunity to attack an organization’s data. Cybercriminals and hackers don’t have any limit, they can penetrate the network security of small as well as giant organizations. With the rapid growth in the technology sector, the risks and threats of cyber-crimes are rising day by day. Cybercriminals have geared themselves with advanced technology to attempt cyber-attacks without anyone noticing it.

2. For Data Security:

Let’s start with some numbers, India ranked sixth for the highest number of data breaches among the countries in the world. Every day we can see the headlines in the newspaper and on social media about the data breach happening all around the world. Let’s take the recent example of a Facebook data breach which resulted in the exposure of 533 million Facebook users’ data from around 106 countries in the world. These facts clearly state how supreme it is for any person or organization to make cyber security their first and foremost priority.  

3. Prevention from viruses and threats:

Viruses are a common and a very old cause of cyber-attacks. These viruses can be transmitted easily through various sources like pen drives, emails, clickable links, software, pirated downloads, and many more. If these viruses enter any computer in your network and if cyber security measures are not taken then these viruses can spread like wildfire throughout the company’s network. These virus attacks can lead to a huge data loss for the organization and that will directly lead to the loss of the reputation of the organization.

4. Loss In Crores of Rupees:

Not only the number of cyber-attacks is increasing, but also the loss caused due to these cyber-attacks are also increases. That results in a huge loss of money to the organizations. This loss is not limited to the loss of money and data but also results in the loss of the years of reputation that organizations have built over the years. With the growing IT infrastructures in most sectors of organizations, it is predicted that, by 2025, cybercrimes are going to cost the world $10.5 trillion annually. These cyber-crimes result in a loss of customer trust in the organization which again results into decrease sales and repurchases by loyal customers.

5. Lack of Awareness Of Cyber Security:

Yes, the lack of awareness of simple measures a person can take to avoid huge losses is also one of the reasons why cyber security is important for any organization. Organizations need to make their employees aware of the measures they can take to avoid any cyber-attacks. Also, the employees should be vigilant and report if they find any suspicious activities happening with the data and the system they are using. Organizations should conduct training sessions for employees to be aware of these attacks and should be encouraged to report if any unexpected things happen. Days like Cyber Security, Data Protection Day, and Cyber Security Awareness month should be celebrated in the organizations with active participation by the employees.

To encapsulate, cyber security is a very fascinating space to explore and it is also one of the most essential industries and fastest growing industries in the world. As Mukesh Ambani once said, “data is a new oil”. And how can we protect this oil? – Cyber Security

Now you must have got the whole idea of why cyber security is required in any organization. Techno Eye has always been a promoter and distributor of secured devices and building an IT infrastructure that is impenetrable by cybercriminals. 

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