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Why Server Required For Small Business?

Servers can be a computer or a system that provides resources, data, services, and programs to other computers or systems, known as clients, through the internet.

Companies that are growing will benefit from on-site servers in terms of productivity and security.

If you have a small business, it is going to get bigger one day. Your staff will increase day by day, and system requirements for the staff will also increase eventually. For the growing system requirement, you need a server to fulfil it. Several servers have enhanced security and easy integration with backup and recovery tools. Getting cloud storage is a good option but it will always have a risk of data theft if not encrypted properly. 

The following are reasons why a small business should have a server:

  1. 1) Security against viruses and other threats:

There is always the risk that the entire network could become infected by a corrupt file originating from a single computer when computers are networked together. In server setup, the data is transferred to clients (computers on the network) from the central server. In server setup, security is controlled by the central server. Due to this, all the client computer in the network has the latest updates and security patches. But the software and virus scan may be deployed on every computer in the network. Also having an on-premises server enables access control and allows the admin to give privileges to edit, view, and delete data. Admin can also restrict data from being accessed by the wrong person.

  1. 2) Network Risk Management during disasters:

In disaster recovery strategy, servers play an important role because they use redundant disk drives and power supplies. The latest servers are designed to run even in hardware or power failures. Unlike peer-to-peer networks, no downtime is required for the replacement or repair, so no time is lost.  

  1. 3) Storage space and processing are key to smooth business functioning:

Individual PCs shouldn’t be used to store heavy-duty software, such as accounting programs and customer relationship management systems. Software deployment via the cloud isn’t always a good idea, either. Dropbox and Google Drive, for example, allow you to store files, but not applications. 

Create a list of the software and applications you will be running on the server in order to select the best server for your needs. Consider the number of users who will need concurrent access to each application in the near future. You should build a buffer (20% is recommended) in case of spikes in usage. 

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  1. 4) A secure remote access solution is essential to the business’s growth:

After the pandemic, small organizations have learned that flexibility is the key to surviving in the digital world. During the pandemic, the work-from-home culture required most of the employees to work from their computers. For this WFH, businesses needed to give their employees access to VPN to work smoothly and securely. 

Using a VPN, businesses can conceal their identity and location, as well as their IP address, so all your internet traffic is routed through an encrypted tunnel. Data that may contain proprietary information is protected by them. With a VPN, employees can connect to the company’s internal network without going through the public internet, which exposes their traffic to security threats. 

  1. 5) Compliance with Indian IT Security Management: 

It is essential to be able to deploy policies across a network of computers in order to comply with Indian IT Security Management regulations. Server security requirements include encryption key management, unique user IDs, dedicated infrastructure, data encryption, server backups, audit logs, and secure data disposal. 

Advantages of having an on-premises data storage server for your business:


  1. Speed: Storing data in the central on-premise storage is much faster than uploading data on cloud storage.

  1. Capacity: Servers provide way more data storage than cloud storage can provide. Cloud storage has limitations on data that can be stored and the charges to get more storage space is more than a server. So, the data storage capacity of the server is more than cloud storage.

  1. Security: With servers, businesses have complete control over the data stored in them. Businesses can provide privileges to users and also restrict users from accessing confidential data. It is also possible to apply multi-layered information security protocols for protecting confidential data.

  2. Internet Less: For accessing information from the on-premises servers you do need to have an internet connection. Businesses can create a complete network of all the computers in the organization to share and access the data.

  3. Control: This is the biggest advantage of an on-premise server. Businesses have complete control over the data and security protocols. Organizations can anytime tighten their security with extra layers of security protocol which is not possible with cloud storage.
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For your growing business, it will need central data storage. A server is helpful in organizing the IT system management of your company by facilitating your business with user permissions, security management, software, and data management. With a server, you can improve productivity, prevent security breaches, and recover from disasters if you have more than a few computers. It’s an investment that offers a lot to gain and negligible to lose.


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