EPABX Intercom System

EPABX Intercom System

The EPABX Intercom System is best to connect with another person. It is a private telephone network used by several organizations to communicate with their employees or outside the company.

There are four significant types of EPABX Intercom Systems used for the different, and all of them have other functions and provide top-class services.

1. Analog PBX – Uses a “phone–box” system through many phones that can connect through phone lines. They provide one of the best sound or voice quality and have many home phone features.

2. Digital PBX – IT referrers to as a VoIP phone system. It needs an Internet connection to connect with users and callers. It also provides the best features like call queuing and gives you good quality audio at a low price.

3. IP PBX – Here, the IP PBX stands for Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange. It is generally used for business, and in this, telephone extensions connect with the public switched telephone network and provide internal communication. It also gives you additional features like audio, video, or instant messaging.

4. Hybrid PBX – It is just like a digital PBX having IP PBX features. It also allows to connect IP phones or to a remote IP system.

Here the PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. These are the EPABX Intercom System types, and you can choose them according to your needs and connect with us to know more about them.

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