Internet Leased Line

Internet Leased Line is a service contract between a provider and a customer that easily interconnects two or more sites. This line allows the data to flow from one point to another for a fixed monthly rate continuously. 

It is popular in data and telephone services. Its connection mainly depends upon fiber optic cable to provide high-quality bandwidth and speed. It is favorable for beginning small enterprises which have a high dependency on the net.

Some of the key features of Internet Leased Line are:- 

1. Symmetric and dedicated bandwidth
2. Uncontended
3. Point to point
4. Easy Upgrade
5. Self-care access
6. Digital payment option
7. Proactive monitoring

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It can directly connect to the public internet with the help of a fiber optic cable. It is there just for you, and it is not shared with any other individual or user, and you don’t need to share the infrastructure. 

Some of the benefits are:- 

1. Maximum speed – These can go up to as high as 10 Gbps which it’s much higher than the broadband speeds. It also provides identical upload and download speeds so that the business can manage their work conveniently. This is very useful when you upload to the cloud, downloading large volumes of data daily.

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2. Cost savings – An IIL cuts down the unnecessary expenses of the business and offers better performance in monitoring the with reliable connectivity. Also, A company requires to upgrade their plan if they feel the need to upgrade the speed and bandwidth of the connection.

3. Secure and Reliable – It is much more secure and reliable than a broadband connection shared by several users.  But it does not allow sharing among multiple users. 

4. Fibre over copper – This connection uses fiber optic technology, making the internet connection faster and more reliable than using the outdated technology of copper wires by the broadband connections.

5. Permanent IP address – This type of connection allows businesses and organizations to have their permanent IP address on the web. Thus, It is a better option for commercial services as changing the IP address, again and again, is not reliable.

6. Virtual Private Network – A virtual private network is the most significant advantage as the employees of a corporation organization spread across several branches and have their network. It is much more effective and secure than a public network because of the absence of any third-party users. It is safe from any exploitation and dangerous cyber attacks.

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7. Better support – If your broadband connection gets damaged, you could face the issue of no internet connection for many days. This could have many harmful effects on your business. At the same time, this service comes with a Service Level Agreement that guarantees that major connectivity issues will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

The data by this connection travels at the speed of light, and it is physically impossible to be faster. Ultimately, this would benefit any business. 

There are several types of Internet Leased Lines used. Some of them are:- 

1. Fibre
2. DSL

Nowadays, the increased adoption of big data, cloud, and other bandwidth-heavy applications like web hosting services, high definition videos, etc., has led to a significant increase in network traffic. A business now needs faster and scalable connectivity to succeed and compete in the market. 

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