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5 Best Places To Install CCTV In Your Home

5 Best Places To Install CCTV In Your Home

5 Best Places To Install CCTV In Your Home

What is CCTV?

CCTV is a very important safety product that every home owner should get. In today’s day and age when safety has become one of the biggest concerns, you cannot afford to leave your home and your family members unsecured. Every level of security must be in place. And since CCTVs are one of the best and the most effective measures, you must get one if you have not done so already.

There are many benefits of installing CCTV at home. From preventing unwanted intruders to scanning a scene after an unfortunate event, a CCTV can be of immense help to your family. You, however, must ensure that the CCTV is installed at the right place to get the most out of it. In this article, we tell you the five best places in your house where you should install CCTV camera. Read on.

Best places to install a CCTV in the house

1. Front door: Most people, whether invited or uninvited, enter your house through the front door. It is, therefore, very important for you to install a CCTV on the front door. Install it at a height so that no one can tamper with it. If your house is multi-storey, install it on the second level, but point it towards the entrance of the house. If you do not have a second floor then install the CCTV at an accessible height, and make sure you put a protective cover around it. A metal casing works well and prevents people from tampering with the camera.

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2. Back door: All the entry points to your home should have a CCTV surveillance system in place. So, if you have a back door to your house, make sure you install a CCTV there as well. The aim should be to monitor everyone who tries to enter the house. Much like the front door, for the back door too, the CCTV should not be placed at an accessible height. Try to place it higher up or cover it. If there is a break in, or even an attempted break in through the back door, the footage from the CCTV can be of immense help. Therefore, you must guard your doors with good CCTVs.

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3. Rear windows: Rather than placing a CCTV on a window that faces the road and is very visible, install it on a rear window of the house. This way, the CCTV will be in a less spottable place. So, if someone does try to create nuisance, they won’t know about the CCTV’s existence. This will help you keep a watch and prevent an unfortunate event from happening. Or even if it does take place, the authorities will be able to nab the culprits with the footage from the ‘hidden’ CCTV.

4. Top of the staircase: If your house has multiple levels, install a wireless CCTV system, or a regular one, at the top of the staircase. Install it at a spot from where a large part of the lower level is visible. You can get footage of the hall, the kitchen and maybe even a few room entrances if the CCTV is installed at a correct angle on top of the staircase. In the absence of a higher floor and consequently a staircase in the house, install the CCTV close to the ceiling of the living room. You can get a good idea of who comes in and goes out of all the rooms since in most homes the living room is connected to all the other rooms.

5. In the children’s room: Unfortunately, children are at a great risk these days. So, install the best CCTV cameras in your children’s room and keep an eye on them at all times. If your child is small, it is all the more important to fix the CCTV. You can then monitor your child and his/her well-being from all corners of the house, provided you have a monitor with you. If you leave your children alone at home with a hired help, you most definitely need to install a CCTV. You can then know how well your child is treated in your absence and take action if required.




1930 – 1950

Security cameras date back to WW2 when a German inventor, Walter Bruch, created the first prototype CCTV camera. This primitive camera was utilized to watch V2 rocket launches from inside the safety of a military bunker.
At the time, it was only possible to view these feeds live due to the lack of video recording capabilities. Shortly after its inception, the US army picked up on this technology and started utilizing cameras to monitor atomic bomb testing from a safe distance.
Another version of early security cameras came in the form of portable movies cameras that could fit in one hand, whilst the other hand was used to spin the film with a crank. These cameras were ideal for covert surveillance operations because it was the first time a camera could be used somewhat discreetly.

1950 – 1980
The first instance of video monitoring for high level personnel was introduced when the Thai Royal Family visited England In 1960. The Police were instructed to set up various cameras in Trafalgar Square to assist them with protecting the Royal Family from the large crowds of spectators. In 1965, surveillance cameras started to become more and more commonly used by the Police for public surveillance.

Fast forward to 1969, when Marie Van Brittan, an African American Inventor, created the first home security system. This patented technology consisted of four separate peepholes on a door with a sliding camera that was used to view people at all heights. This camera was hooked up to a monitor for viewing from a safe distance, and utilized a 2-way microphone for communication.
While this technology was impressive for the time, home security camera systems wouldn’t see widespread use until much later. In the same year, the invention of video cassette recorders (VCR) allowed for the recording of security footage. This was a major milestone because until then, security feeds had to be monitored live.

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In 1970, security cameras were seen more commonly in commercial locations such as banks and high end retail stores as a theft prevention measure. One issue that remained constant for security cameras was that they were rendered useless in low light situations… until in 1976 when the invention of Charged Coupled Device (CCD) technology lead to the creation of low light cameras.

A CCD was a light sensitive circuit that captured footage by converting photons into electrons. CCD sensors would break down that captured footage into pixels, and then convert the pixels into electrical charges with levels based on the intensity of light in the pixel.

1990 – Early 2000’s
The 90’s was an exciting time for security camera technology with the incorporation of digital multiplexing, allowing feeds from various individual security cameras to be displayed on a single monitor. This opened the floodgates for major business opportunities in the video security realm, especially for the video monitoring industry, by allowing operators to view multiple camera views at once on a single screen.

The usefulness of digital multiplexers was short-lived once the Digital Video Recorder (the replacement for VCR) hit the scene by automatically compiling various videos feeds together, eliminating the need for digital multiplexers. DVR’s also made the organization aspect of video surveillance more efficient by storing all of the footage on SD cards, instead of the vast amount of physical tapes that were stockpiled before.

How to Check CCTV Camera Recording in Mobile

How to Check CCTV Camera Recording in Mobile

The major advantage of mobile phone monitoring is that you can monitor your videos remotely: as and when you want. You can adjust some CCTV cameras remotely by enabling the disarming and arming motion sensors or choosing recording instead of streaming. Besides, a few CCTV cameras come with a two-way communication channel that can allow you to communicate to the person who is in view. Installing a mobile monitoring system is more convenient as it’ll allow you to be present within more than one area at a time. It’s an ideal choice for individuals who’re willing to monitor activities from multiple locations.

Mobile monitoring is a cost-effective option for homeowners and business owners. Especially for business owners, it can decrease the requirement for special security systems to monitor employee’s performance. Mobile monitoring can reduce emergency response times while alleviating criminal activities. However, you should follow a few protocols to ensure the overall security of your CCTV cameras is boosted.

Remember to ensure that the software you’re using is always up to date. Ensuring that your phone, mobile apps, and cameras are using up-to-date software is a necessary step to ensure the entire system is secured. You can take advantage of password protection protocols. Besides, you can also use strong passwords on connected devices.

Firstly, to view the CCTV footage on your mobile, you can download the customized and free security camera software, which is usually available on the seller’s official website. You’ll have to launch the official security application on your mobile phone and log into the camera device directly. Next, press the playback button to view the CCTV recording online. Suppose you’re using an NVR security camera system. In that case, you should be equipped with a specialized camera channel to monitor the CCTV footage recorded on your mobile phone or PC by choosing the camera icon.

Secondly, you can select a particular date to watch the footage recorded on CCTV via a mobile phone, laptop, or PC. It’s recommendable for you to select the categories like ‘type’ and ‘all’ on your application to ensure you don’t miss any essential notifications related to recorded files. After choosing a specific date, you can access the recorded CCTV footage as displayed as per the time and day. You can find out more about the structure cabling services.

Thirdly, you can select a special time zone to view the CCTV footage on your phones during a specific period. Next, you should click and drag on the icon for changing the resolution or controlling the play-in progress. You can reach out to a CCTV camera dealer in Hinjewadi to learn more.

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