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Techno Eye is a Mumbai-based firm that provides a comprehensive range of Cisco devices, including routers, switches, firewalls, and access points, for businesses of all sizes. Techno Eye is one of the most well-known Cisco product suppliers, dealers, and distributors in Thane, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Pune. Get the best market value on Cisco products from Techno Eye, an authorized Cisco dealer, distributor, stockiest, Certified Partner, and vendor of Cisco products in Thane, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, & Bangalore. Contact us for the best rates and discounts on Cisco products

Cisco is the global giant in networking, revolutionizing how people connect, communicate, and collaborate. As Cisco partners, we provide their vast technological solutions to SMEs and major commercial enterprises. Cisco’s broad product portfolio offers our clients several cutting-edge and resilient cloud, networking, telephony, security, and data center solutions.

Why Cisco Products?

  1. Cisco products are specially designed to meet diverse, and exclusive networking demands.
  2. Consistently deliver high end networking experience without technical interruptions. 
  3. Satisfies end-user with seamless experience and unmatched productivity.
  4. Energy efficient hence cost effective.
  5. Competitive pricing and best build quality.

Our Cisco Products:

Cisco Switches:

Cisco provides a complete spectrum of switching solutions for Enterprise Networks, Data Centers, and Small Businesses. These solutions are tailored to various businesses, including service providers, financial services, and the public sector. Cisco Catalyst access switch can unify wired and wireless capabilities to promote digital transformation. Techno Eye is one of the most renowned Cisco Switch dealers and distributors in Thane, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Pune.

Get the greatest market value on Cisco Switches from Techno Eye, an official dealer, supplier, distributor, Certified Partner, and seller of Cisco Switches in Thane, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Delhi & Bangalore. Contact us for the best rates and discounts on Cisco switches.

Cisco Routers:

Cisco routing enables intent-based networking across the WAN, LAN, and cloud.Cisco routers provide a full, proven solution by including sophisticated analytics, application optimization, automated provisioning, and integrated security. Cisco routers can help you build a more intelligent, responsive, and integrated network. Investigate Cisco routers to determine which Cisco corporate router best meets your requirements.

Techno Eye is one of the best-known Cisco router dealers and distributors in Thane, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, & Pune. Get the greatest market value on Cisco routers from Techno Eye, an official dealer, distributor, Certified Partner, and vendor of Cisco routers in Thane, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, & Pune. Contact us for the best deals and discounts on Cisco routers.

Cisco Switch In Navi Mumbai

The demand for robust networking solutions is escalating in the dynamic realm of IT infrastructure development in Navi Mumbai. As businesses strive for seamless connectivity, Cisco switches in navi mumbai can emerge as an backbone of these transformative endeavors. In this blog, we explore the evolving landscape of IT in Navi Mumbai, the surging demand for Cisco switches, and how Techno Eye stands as a leading provider, addressing the networking needs of businesses across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Pune.

The IT Evolution in Navi Mumbai: A Glimpse into Connectivity Demands

Navi Mumbai has witnessed a significant surge in IT infrastructure development in recent years and with businesses embracing digital transformations and remote operations, a reliable and high-performance network infrastructure has become paramount. Moreover, the city’s bustling commercial landscape demands connectivity and a robust and scalable network that can adapt to the ever-evolving technological landscape.

Cisco Switches: Foundation of Network Solutions

Cisco switches have emerged as industry leaders, providing cutting-edge solutions for network connectivity and known for their reliability, scalability, and advanced features. Cisco switches play a pivotal role in establishing secure and efficient communication networks. As businesses in Navi Mumbai gear up for the digital future, the demand for Cisco switches has experienced a noteworthy upswing.

Fueling the Demand: IT Infrastructure Boom in Navi Mumbai

The exponential growth in IT infrastructure projects, data centers, and smart city initiatives in Navi Mumbai has fueled the demand for networking products, especially Cisco switches. Next, robust and secure network infrastructure becomes non-negotiable as businesses digitise their operations. With their innovative technology and performance-driven features, Cisco switches are the preferred choice for enterprises striving for excellence in connectivity.

Techno Eye: Meeting the Demand for Cisco Switches in Navi Mumbai

Understanding Local Needs:

Techno Eye, positioned as a prominent Cisco switch dealer and supplier in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Pune, has honed its expertise in understanding the unique networking requirements of businesses in Navi Mumbai. With a finger on the pulse of local industries, Techno Eye delivers tailored solutions that align with the specific demands of the dynamic Navi Mumbai market.

Comprehensive Product Range:

As a trusted Cisco switches provider, Techno Eye boasts a comprehensive product range that caters to diverse business needs. Whether it’s the Catalyst series for enterprise-level deployments or the Nexus series for data center solutions, Techno Eye ensures businesses in Navi Mumbai have access to the latest and most suitable Cisco switches for their networking requirements. Also, there are numerous Benefits of Structured Cabling like improving network reliability and easier maintenance.

Technical Expertise and Support:

Beyond supplying Cisco switches, Techno Eye distinguishes itself through unparalleled technical expertise and support, ensuring a reliable network as a business lifeline with comprehensive end-to-end services, including consultation, deployment, and maintenance.

Top Cisco switch deale­r and supplier in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Pune

In Navi Mumbai, there­’s a growing need for strong network solutions in the­ ever-changing world of IT infrastructure de­velopment. Businesse­s are chasing flawless connection, and Cisco switche­s are playing a key part in this transformative e­ffort.

This blog looks into changes in Navi Mumbai’s IT, the rising nee­d for Cisco switches, and how Techno Eye – a main supplie­r takes on the network ne­cessities of businesse­s throughout Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Pune.

I. In Navi Mumbai, IT is changing

A look at Connection Ne­eds Navi Mumbai has seen a big boost in IT infrastructure­ development in re­cent years. Companies are­ accepting digital changes and remote­ work, making a dependable, high-pe­rformance network infrastructure e­xtremely important.

The city’s buzzing busine­ss scene asks for a connection, and a strong, e­nlarging network that can roll with the eve­r-changing tech scene.

II. Cisco Switche­s

Network Solutions’ Mainstay Cisco switches have come­ out as industry leads, offering top-notch solutions for network conne­ctions.

Recognized for their re­liability, scalability, and advanced abilities, these­ switches play a big role in creating se­cure, efficient ne­tworks. As Navi Mumbai businesses start on their digital journe­y, the need for Cisco switche­s has notably risen.

III. Fueling the Ne­ed

IT Infrastructure Growth in Navi Mumbai The supe­r-fast growth in IT infrastructure projects, data cente­rs and smart city drives in Navi Mumbai increase the­ need for networking products, and e­specially, Cisco switches. A strong, secure­ network cannot be compromised whe­n businesses go digital. With their ne­w tech and performance-focuse­d abilities, Cisco switches are a top pick for busine­sses going for top-notch connection.

IV. Techno Eye­

Supplying Cisco Switches in Navi Mumbai to Match the Nee­d Techno Eye, a Cisco switch deale­r and supplier in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Pune, is known for knowing the­ network necessitie­s of Navi Mumbai businesses. Kee­ping on top of local industries, Techno Eye provide­s solutions that match the specific nee­ds of Navi Mumbai’s changing market.

Well-Known for Cisco Switches

With a full range­ of products, Techno Eye handles the­ different nee­ds of businesses. Whethe­r it’s the Catalyst series for busine­sses on a large scale or the­ Nexus series for data ce­nters, Techno Eye make­s sure Navi Mumbai businesses have­ the newest, be­st-fit Cisco switches for their network ne­eds.

Top-Level Te­ch and Support

Techno Eye goes be­yond just providing Cisco switches, offering standout tech knowle­dge and support. Realizing that a trusty network is vital for a busine­ss, Techno Eye offers full support, he­lp with setting up, and maintenance, e­nsuring continuous, non-stop connection for its clients.

Top Cisco Switch Dealers in Mumbai, Thane, navi Mumbai and Pune


What is a switch?

A switch is a networking device that provides the facility to share information and resources by connecting different network devices, such as computers, printers, and servers, within a small business network.With the help of a switch, the connected devices can share data and information and communicate with each other.Without a switch, we cannot build a small business network and cannot connect devices within a building or campus. Techno Eye is one of Top cisco switch dealers in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai & Pune.

What Problem does switch resolve?

A network switch links people, applications, and equipment via a network, allowing them to interact and share resources. The basic network switches link just devices on a single local area network (LAN). Modern switches may connect devices from several LANs, including rudimentary data security features. 

Beyond simple LAN connections, functionalities in more complex switches are part of those in other network instruments such as firewalls & routers. Despite their extensive capabilities, these switches are still called “switches” because their main job is to link devices in an IT network.

The capacity to construct “virtual networks” is a significant feature of a sophisticated switch. Virtual networks separate groupings of networked computers based on the settings specified by network administrators. This functionality enables many systems to be linked to a single mechanical network while safely isolating certain systems from the rest. Our network engineers have relevant experience and knowledge that makes us the top cisco switch dealers in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai & Pune.

Techno Eye is a focused firm that offers a wide range of IT solutions that benefit businesses in many ways. Our efforts to reach the widest possible audience have gained us recognition as one of the leading Cisco product suppliers in Navi Mumbai. Our products are reliable, user-friendly, small, and simple to use, and they are priced competitively in the market.

Our team will supply Cisco UCS, Cisco Switch,  Cisco WIFI, Cisco Room Kit, Cisco IronPort, and Cisco IP Phones in Navi Mumbai without failing our customers. People trust us because of our knowledge, skill, and dedication to customer service, which sets ahead of  the competition. Our solutions and services are tailored to your needs, so please discuss them with us.

Techno Eye is experienced and well equipped as the top cisco switch dealers in mumbai, thane, navi mumbai and pune. As responsible Cisco switches suppliers, we’ve committed to our clients to deliver superior quality switches with configuration and installation service. 

Benefits of Structured Cabling Installation Services in Pune: Improving Performance and Scalability

Benefits of Structured Cabling Installation Services in Pune: Improving Performance and Scalability

Benefits of Structured Cabling Installation Services in Pune, Thane, Mumbai.

Structured cabling installation services in Pune offer a range of benefits for businesses and organizations. Whether you’re in Pune or its surrounding areas, structured cabling can greatly improve your network infrastructure. This article will explore the advantages of structured cabling installation services, from optimizing performance and scalability to simplifying troubleshooting and ensuring compliance. Discover why structured cabling is the foundation for a robust and efficient network in Pune. 

1. Improved Performance

Structured cabling installation services optimize the performance of your network. By minimizing signal loss, interference, and crosstalk, structured cabling ensures faster data transmission speeds and reduced latency. You can enjoy reliable and high-performance network structured cabling installation in Pune.

2. Scalability for Future Growth

With structured cabling installation services in Pune, your network infrastructure becomes scalable and adaptable. This allows for easy expansion and technology upgrades without disrupting the cabling system. As Pune continues to grow as a technological hub, investing in structured cabling ensures your network can accommodate future advancements.

3. Simplified Troubleshooting

Another benefit of Structured cabling installation services is that it can provide a streamlined approach to troubleshooting network issues. With an organized cabling infrastructure, technicians can quickly identify and resolve problems, minimizing downtime and improving network reliability. In Pune, structured cabling installations are designed to simplify maintenance and troubleshooting processes.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Network Structured cabling installation services may require an initial investment but offer long-term cost savings. The scalability and adaptability of structured cabling reduce the need for frequent upgrades and rewiring, resulting in lower maintenance costs. Opting for professional structured cabling installation in Pune ensures efficient use of resources and long-term cost-effectiveness.

5. Enhanced Aesthetics and Safety

Structured cabling installations in Pune promote a neat and organized appearance by eliminating cable clutter. This not only improves the aesthetics of your workplace but also reduces the risk of accidents caused by tripping over cables. Moreover, in case of emergencies or maintenance activities, the organized cabling system ensures the safety and easier identification of cables.

6. Future-Proofing

A must to know benefit of Investing in structured cabling installation services in Pune ensures your infrastructure is future-ready. With the growing demand for technologies like IoT, cloud computing, and smart devices, structured cabling provides a reliable foundation for seamless integration and scalability. Stay ahead of the curve in Pune’s fast-paced technological landscape.


Structured cabling installation services in Pune bring significant advantages to your network infrastructure. Structured cabling is the foundation for a robust and efficient network with improved performance, scalability, simplified troubleshooting, cost-effectiveness, enhanced aesthetics and safety, and future-proofing capabilities. Explore the benefits of structured cabling installation services in Pune and ensure your network is optimized for success in the digital age.If all your queries regarding structured cabling has been resolved then you can avail our structured cabling installation services in Pune, Mumbai, Thane. Contact our structured cabling experts in Pune to experience the difference firsthand.





While network switches and routers are essential and similar-looking pieces of network equipment, they perform different functions. To further complicate matters, many network specialists use the terms interchangeably. Let’s clear up any misunderstandings.

Here are the differences between a network switch vs. a router.


A Switch A Router
Connects various devices together (e.g. computers, printers, and servers) within a local area network (LAN). Creates and maintains a local area network (LAN) by connecting multiple devices, including switches.
Facilitates the sharing of information between connected devices Helps handle multiple networks
Connects to a router, which allows devices to connect to the internetAllows networked devices and their users to access the internet directly 
Directs traffic over more complicated routesDecides device priority and directs traffic by choosing the most efficient route for data packets to travel across a network
Does not include firewall functionalityProtects transferred information from security threats with its included basic firewalls
Operates at layer two of the OSI modelOperates at Layer 3 of the OSI model
Stores MAC addresses in the lookup tableStores IP addresses in the routing table
Has one broadcast domain (except VLAN implemented)Has a broadcast domain for every port
Works only on wired network connectionsWorks with both wired and wireless network connections
Does not offer NAT, NetFlow, and QoS ServicesOffers NAT, NetFlow, and QoS Services
Is faster in a LAN environmentIs faster in MAN/WAN network environments
Is in Full DuplexIs in Less Duplex
Limits speed to 10/100 MbpsLimits speed to 1–10 Mbps for wireless and 100 Mbps for wired

What a Switch and a Router Are Used For

A switch (also called an ethernet switch) makes it possible for all of your devices to connect and communicate within your network. That includes your computers, printers, IP phones, point-of-sale registers, servers, and more—any devices that need to operate within your local area network (LAN).

If you’ve ever opened a document on your computer and then printed it on a printer located at the other end of the office, you have benefited from having an ethernet switch.

A router uses switches to create a high-performance LAN in which connected devices can access the internet or other networks. A router prioritizes devices and users, and efficiently directs traffic accordingly. It’s essential for maintaining seamless and quick network service.

Switch vs. Router: How Switches and Routers Work

A switch works by acting like a subway station for your internal network, transferring packets of data from one device to another.

Switches build a network within a layered architecture. The first layer, known as the “edge layer,” provides connectivity for all your devices. For smaller businesses, this layer of “routing switches” connects directly to your router, which in turn connects your business to the internet. Simply put, you cannot build a network for your business without switches.

For larger businesses, these switches connect to aggregation switches, which enable your network to scale.

There are two kinds of switches, unmanaged and managed.

  • Unmanaged switches merely provide ethernet devices with network connections, essentially serving as basic connection ports that require no configuration. These switches typically have additional ports of connectivity in office and conference room environments.
  • Managed switches offer much more customization, device transparency, and security for your network than unmanaged switches. Some types even provide a real-time network topology overview and status of every device plugged into the switch.

A router allows the devices on your internal network to connect to the internet and to each other. It connects the small network (made up by one switch) to other networks, expanding the network’s coverage and capacity. A router also decides which devices have priority on your network, and which switches the information will travel through on its journey from Point A to Point B.

If a switch is a subway station, then a router works like the terminal at Times Square where multiple subway lines converge and passengers can enter or exit the system as well as transfer between lines.

Which to Choose: Router vs. Switch for Your Business

When it comes to deciding if your business needs a switch or a router for connecting to and communicating within your network, which one does your business need—router vs. switch?

It can be confusing—which makes it difficult for many business owners to determine which device is right for their location—but the decision is actually nonexistent. Why? Because most of the time you don’t need to choose one or the other.

Most businesses are heavily dependent on the internet to conduct daily business. So many business functions require being connected to the internet via a router, such as:

  • Making and approving online transactions
  • Connecting devices and users to SaaS or cloud-based applications
  • Completing credit card processing

However, businesses who have their own LAN also need at least one switch to connect all the devices and users together so information can freely flow from one to another.

In other words, smaller businesses without their own internal computer network can get by with just a router. Otherwise, businesses need both a router and at least one switch.


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