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The CCTV Installation doesn’t have fixed prices because it depends on many factors like which type of CCTV you want, Company, location, and many more. Here are some of the factors which are affecting the cost of the CCTV Installation

Factors Affecting The Cost For CCTV Installation

The cost of CCTV installation may depend on so many factors. Some of the most important factors are the following-  

1. Brand

If you take a look on Google so you can see that there are many brands in the market with different prices. While there are many brands that are cost-efficient and low in quality which even doesn’t work for years and because of the low prices people buy them. So, the Brand is the biggest factor which affects the prices of the CCTV Camera and Installation

2. Location

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Depends upon your property where you want to set up your camera. Therefore it also depends upon how many cameras you want to set up. If you need a camera then you might have a big budget.

3. Camera Resolution

Camera resolution is also one of the biggest factors of pricing because the camera’s resolution depends upon its pricing and how much its resolution than from the longest distance you can set up and even it covers larger areas with clear CCTV footage

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4. Distance From DVR to Cameras

The length of the cables between the camera and DVR is usually larger for the large building and even depends upon the location. This means it also depends upon the cable cost which is used for installation. 

As you just read above the factors and many more depend upon the CCTV Installations cost. The cost would depend upon the requirement of an individual or organization. You can go with a cheaper option as well as a higher budget too, it just depends upon your budget and requirements. In general, you can install a CCTV onwards 5000. There is no limit because right now the market has many advanced technologies and you can also spend money on that too.

You can always find the cheaper option in the market but we don’t recommend them because they don’t have a long-lasting performance. The money spent on CCTV is always an asset or investment, not a liability because it does work for you for a long on an affordable budget than a security guard. 

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