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A biometric device is an authentication and security identification device. These devices are used to identify a living person based on a behavioral or physiological characteristic. These characteristics include facial images, fingerprints, and many more.

Biometric technology is in the boom for the last many years. Now it’s too late that some cooperate have no biometric machines.  Biometric is used in every place from your phone lock to office entry, everywhere biometric is doing work now.

The fingerprint is the first invention in the field of biometrics and now many advanced features were added like face, voice, etc.

The biometric machine is doing a wide range of work in the office as well as in-home. Works different at a different place because it works as an attendance machine in the office but in-home it also used of the security for our family. 

Almost everywhere the biometric is common but sometimes there are technical issues and some advanced features we didn’t know that how to use the biometric machine and now it becomes one of the major issue. It’s just simple and even you can see it on YouTube or search on Google according to your machine.

Nowadays it’s used in many places where you know about it or not. Some of the places are given below and with their uses at those places too.

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1. Airport Security

Biometrics plays a very crucial role in the airport for the security issues and to make the passenger’s journey safe. Using biometric technology it becomes very easy to identify the passengers and even has been used in many airports around the world.

2. Law Enforcement

Biometrics is also used across law enforcement with agencies such as the FBI and many more. It is used to correct criminals to identify them and make a proper use record to maintain them.

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3. Mobile Access and Authentication

Now all smartphones are integrated with some form of biometric modality as a way of securing your device or specific applications such as banking apps from hackers and many PINS and OTP.

4. Offices 

The Offices is another largest biometrics consumer across the world and now it’s used in every office to maintain the attendance record and also for security. It tells that when the employee enters and when they exit. It is also used with the door lock machines in some places so the person having fingerprint on machine record only they can enter.


5. Home Assistants

It’s also used in homes and works as an assistant when it is connected to Alexa or another virtual assistance machine. It’s used for security purposes so that any thief can’t enter the house without permission and the alarm will be ringed if someone tries unwanted entry if it is connected with Alexa.

These are the 5 common places where biometric machines are used most and someplace it also has a card with has its PIN which will unlock the password of the machine.

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